Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sweet Summer Dreams Quilt

This is another Victory Prayer Quilt pieced by Pat.
We pieced prayer quilts using this pattern at our May workshop, I believe. I love the bird fabric Pat used.  These colors are so not me, meaning, I would have chosen other colors, so that made this a lot of fun to quilt.

 The border is such a busy print that the quilting is not very distinct, but that's fine.

 The bird blocks were adorned with echoing raindrops.

And this is the reason it doesn't matter that the quilting can barely be seen on the quilt's border:

It's as if this quilt were wrapped in a surprise; the border quilting looks great on the back!
Those dancing stitches, on the entire quilt, not just the borders, and the prayers that went into this quilt yielded a very happy time.  We hope that will be true for the recipient as well.

Happy quiltmaking,

Saturday, July 4, 2015

America, the Beautiful, a Quilt

I hope you're having a happy Independence Day in the USA.  Rain is predicted for our dry valley, but rain is something to celebrate too.  And it may just schedule itself around the celebrations, parades, etc.

It took me a while, but I finished quilting Judy's quilt; it's one of our Victory Prayer Quilts. I had to compete with the wind to get these pictures.

 I thought I would use a silver thread, but ultimately did not.

I did know I would lavish it with feathers!

It has some swirly night skies.

I am sorry I decided to lavish swirlies instead of more feathers on the big green border.

Happy quilting and Happy Independence Day,....

Friday, July 3, 2015

A New Drunkard's Path Variation

These black and white drunkard's path pieces showed up anonymously in our Victory Prayer Quilts cabinet.

 Ruth pieced together a bunch, but she didn't really enjoy it.  Her story is, "I had enough of that!  So I slapped those green circles on and machine appliqued them."....Or something to that effect.

When I quilted this, I treated it pretty much as a sample of quilting design possibilities.
 Her quilt reminds me of the promise of rain on a cloudy day. Indeed, we have been assured it will rain today.  We'll see.

 My little town did get quite a few promises of rain during June and a few deliveries.
Our June total was .64 inches officially--which is a lot more than we get in June in many years.

Of course, if we walk across our yard, we usually return with a few (or more) stickers in our shoes.

 However, this surprisingly (to me, at least) refreshing quilt was quilted indoors to sounds of silence, the soft whirrrrrrr of fans, or strains of classical music--or fans and music at the same time

Gracing its back side is some John Deere fabric that also mysteriously appeared in our cabinet at church.  I pieced and quilted so many John Deere quilts five or six years ago that I'm not enthusiastic about making more.  You can see my nephew's John Deere quilt here. However, this fabric was perfect for the back of this quilt.  Does this quilt remind you of irrigation circles?

Sooooo, it's very unlike Missy's Quilt, but still a drunkard's path.  (There were still many black and white DP fabrics ready to be pieced, so I did bring a few home to piece another quilt.) Come to think of it, this is another three-person quilt.  I think I've been blessed with a few of those lately.

Happy quiltmaking, and I hope you are getting a bit of knitting time as well,......

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Three-Person Drunkard's Path Variation

The other quilt I quilted for Missy was a drunkard's path variation.

Over the decades I've pieced a lot of blocks from drunkard's path variations--a lot of variations--but it's not a pattern that's on my life list for an entire quilt.

When I lived in East Tennessee, there was a quilter named Lora Creasman, who pieced nothing but drunkard's path variations, always by hand.  In fact, as recently as the fall of 2011 her work was featured in a show in her hometown.  I just did a search which led to a couple of Facebook sites that featured photos of her and her work.  I couldn't find an obituary, so I hope she's still happily piecing drunkard's path variations.

I've made several small wall quilts featuring a southern turtle block made from drunkard's path pieces, and back when I taught for the chain of fabric stores, everyone who took the comprehensive quiltmaking course learned to piece those drunkard's path curves.

These blocks were pieced a few years ago by Pat Nordstrom during her mother's long illness.  She passed the blocks on to Missy Shay, who set them together.  Sadly, I don't have a photo of the entire quilt.  I tried to get photos for several days, but inclement weather got in the way.  I let Missy know I'd really like a photo of the entire quilt, so if she sends me one, I'll update this post.

 This quilt contains a glorious compilation of fabrics.  Although I like reproduction fabrics, I'm not a big fan who recognizes all the prints that have recently been on the market.  I'm thinking some of these fabrics may be genuine 1920s and 30s fabrics since they are the same quality as the pieces in my paternal grandmother's quilt, but I could be wrong.

 In any case, the wide variety of fabrics in the quilt inspire a lot of joy.

 I had the pleasure of creating new quilting designs.

 Missy is amazingly generous, but I do hope she keeps this quilt for herself.

In all the many, many hours I spent quilting it, I never tired of admiring the huge collection of fabrics.  It's a happy, happy three-person quilt.

Happy quiltmaking,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Special Log Cabin

I admired log cabin quilts when I was growing up, but I never saw a log cabin except in photos until I had been quilting for several years. I quilted this one a couple of weeks ago.

When I taught quiltmaking for community organizations and a chain of fabric stores in the Southeast, the first block we pieced was a log cabin.  Some people went home and immediately pieced a whole bunch.  I pieced log cabin blocks for decorative items and for clothing, but I don't think I ever pieced a log cabin quilt.

I did quilt one for my dear friend Bobbie one summer when we spent several weeks at her mountain cabin.  You can see that quilt here.

When I saw this quilt top, I knew I wanted to quilt another log cabin and thought it would be great if I could quilt this one.  Missy said, "Sure.  I'll mail it to you."  That was last March; life intervened; then I suffered a case of cold feet.  I decided I really need to kick my creativity in the derriere.  She received it in the mail today.  She's going to put the binding on.

Here are more details of the quilting.

I quilted another quilt for her.  I like it even better--probably because it's now a three-person quilt, and in a world of unique quilts, that one is very special!

Happy quiltmaking,

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sweet Sister Quilts

I'm so lucky to be a quiltmaker and to absolutely love the quilting step!
 Here are a couple of sweet sister quilts pieced by Emily B. from her deceased mother's stash.

I absolutely love being able to quilt designs like these, create new designs, and add variations to more designs. These were quilted with Fil-Tec Glide.
And how wonderful that both Emily and her mother have been quilters and that Emily is investing many hours and countless prayers into these creations.

Of course, it's also wonderful for me that I get to quilt them.  Quiltmaking is definitely my "happy place."

Of course, it's also wonderful for me that Emily will bind these so that I can quilt more!

Happy quiltmaking......

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sweet Buttery Prayer Quilt

I'm not keeping up very well with posting my quilting.  This is a quilt Pat pieced for our Victory Prayer Quilt Ministry.

 I love, love, love this batik the color of winter butter.

It's a very happy quilt and is sure to bless someone.

Happy quiltmaking,.......

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Second Shady Day Quilt

Judy handed me this quilt top several months ago because she didn't know how to quilt it.  I didn't either, so I just now got to it. (Well, I did have to place a thread order first.)

 Interesting colors, interesting prints.
 Very unlike anything I would have pieced, so it was a good exercise for me.

Also no border.  However, I do think it's interesting enough to draw in someone who is facing a health crisis.

Happy quiltmaking,
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